Dana White slaps wife during physical altercation on New Year’s Eve, UFC president ’embarrassed’ by actions


Dana White and his wife got into a physical altercation while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during New Year’s Eve with the whole incident caught on camera.

In a video released by TMZ on Monday, White can be seen talking to his wife Anne, who has her hands over her face before he grabs her wrist and she responds by slapping him in the face. White responds to Anne’s question by hitting her in the face. The argument goes on while others in the group come between the couple.

White addressed his actions in a separate interview with TMZ.

” My wife and I went out Saturday night for New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, that was what happened,” White stated. “I’m one of the guys, you’ve heard me say for years, there’s never, ever an excuse for guy to put his hands on a woman, and now here I am on TMZ talking about it. My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years, we’ve known each other since we were 12 years old. Our marriage has been difficult. We have three children. This is a terrible situation. But, right now we are more worried about our children.

“We have three kids and obviously since the video popped up, we’ve shown the kids the video. Right now, we are more concerned with our family. People are going to have opinions on this, and most of the people’s opinions would be right, especially in my case. You don’t put your hands on a woman ever. My wife and I love each other, we’ve been together for a very long time. We’ve known each other since we were very little, and this is just one of those unfortunate situations.”

Eyewitnesses from the same club that night reported to TMZ that White and White’s wife were both intoxicated before the altercation.

White said the whole incident took less than one minute and that he and his wife were able to reconcile. They stayed together on holiday in Mexico.

“There was definitely a lot of alcohol involved, but that’s no excuse,” White said. White stated, “I have no excuses.” It’s never happened before. It’s the first time that it’s ever happened, and people are going to say what they’re going to say. It is what it is, and whatever people do say is deserved. I deserve it. It happened. I don’t know why it happened.

” My wife and I have sincerely apologized for our mistakes. Our children have also been rebuffed our apology. This is an area where everyone will be able to contribute. I could care less what anybody else thinks about this. Our children and our families are what is most important to us right now. That was the beginning of it and the end of it. We’re still on vacation. We’re obviously best friends, she’s my wife and we had too much to drink, and whatever happened that night happened. That was it and it was done.”

A UFC representative declined to comment further on the incident, and referred MMA Fighting the TMZ Story. UFC parent company Endeavor didn’t respond to my message immediately.

Anne White, in a separate statement to TMZ also stated that her husband had not physically assaulted her before the Mexico incident.

“Dana and I have been married for almost 30 years,” Anne said. This is a completely outlandish behavior for Dana. Nothing like it has happened in the past. We both drank too much New Year’s Eve, and it got out of control for both of us.

” We’ve had a conversation about this as a family, and we have since apologized to one another. For the sake of my children .”

, I hope that people respect our privacy.

Based on the information available, police did not get involved, and there were no charge filed against anybody in the incident. White and his wife were sitting in a VIP section of the club, and it doesn’t appear that security had to intervene after friends of the couple got between them after the altercation first occurred.

White said thanks to the amount of alcohol he imbibed that he doesn’t actually remember much about the night in question, and right now all he’s concerned about is dealing with the situation privately with his family.

“Obviously, it’s one of those situations, it’s embarrassing for both of us but what we’re more concerned about is our kids,” White said. “Nobody knows you better than your kids know you. Your children grow up in your home, see and hear all the things you do, and they are able to understand everything.

“Everybody asks me the same questions: Do I care? My legacy and all this other stuff with work doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s all about your family. It’s about your wife and kids. This situation, too, everybody’s going to have an opinion. Right now, we’re not worried about anything but our children. My wife and I are both cool .”


Endeavor, the controlling shareholder in UFC, has yet to make any statement about White’s behavior or the possible punishments that he might face.

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