Dana White scoffs at complaints about Conor McGregor preferential treatment on TUF 31: ‘Who gives a s***?’


What Conor McGregor wants, Conor McGregor usually gets.

That seems to be the complaints lodged against the former two-division UFC champion after he allegedly demanded that some athletes of his own choosing got a spot on the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 31, which in turn cost some other prospects a chance to compete on the reality show.

UFC welterweight Gilbert Burns claimed his teammate Loik Radzhabov was sent home after “freaking Conor bring his own guys and they kick him out!” Prominent MMA manager Daniel Rubenstein said the same while stating on social media that three fighters — Ken Cross, Mitch Ramirez and Brandon Jenkins — were also removed in favor of McGregor’s selections.

Saturday’s UFC President Dana White addressed the allegations, but he did not know much about the fighters who were kicked out of the show in order to make way for McGregor.

“I have no idea,” White said. White said, “Who would give a s ***.”


In a deleted tweet, McGregor also denied any wrongdoing, saying he only knew one fighter on the show and added, “I didn’t ask nor request nothing, and I certainly didn’t have people removed.”

Even if the final lineup for The Ultimate Fighter season 31 was shuffled to make room for McGregor or the fighters he personally selected, White said it’s really much ado about nothing.

White assures that anyone who was bumped from the show will still have an opportunity. However, it may not be on reality TV where McGregor coaches against UFC lightweight champion Michael Chandler.

“You’re trying to get guys to commit to coach and to do the coaching commitment, especially when you live in Ireland, you know what I mean? Yeah, Conor’s going to get some things that he wants,” White explained.

“Nobody lost an opportunity here. We’d do anything with guys who were scheduled to do this. It’s not just like, hey, see you later, pal, good luck to you. Do you know what? Have a good life, we’ll figure it out, We’ll take care of these guys.”

Because the UFC roster is constantly influx, the promotion will often times bring back athletes who competed on TUF or Dana White’s Contender Series and didn’t immediately earn a contract at the time.

White obviously didn’t have any details related to fighters who may not end up participating on TUF 31, but he’s confident nobody will miss out on a chance to work with the UFC simply because the organization potentially made some concession for McGregor.

Filming for TUF 31 just began a matter of days ago with White revealing that several fights have already taken place head of the May debut of the reality series.

” “It’s been great,” White stated. “We had our first three fights, I think on Friday and actually [I was] just upstairs with Chandler and he’s telling me how much he loves this show and how into helping his guys. He’s like, you know, I figured I was going to come out here and you know, we go through the motions and whatever he says, I’m blown away by how into this I am and how much I really care about these guys. And I said, this is what happens every season.

” It’s amazing, it seems, that every year we do this. The fact that coaches are so involved in the development of their players is one of the best things about every season. It’s fun man. It’s good to be back.”