Dana White responds to criticism of Islam Makhachev

UFC CEO Dana White responded to criticism from current UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, who expressed dissatisfaction with his position in the organization’s top fighter rankings regardless of weight class, and the fact that Jon Jones tops the UFC’s P4P list.

According to the head of the world’s strongest league, the Russian will be able to prove the validity of his claims if he wins a convincing victory in the upcoming rematch with Alexander Volkanovski.

“I love the guy, but he doesn’t really care about the P4P rankings – he’s mad about his position in those rankings at the moment,” MMAJunkie quoted White as saying. “Everybody cares, and I understand that. I understand his mindset, and that’s one of the reasons why he agreed to come out for this fight. You can say anything you want about the first fight – it was very close and very controversial. Now both guys have a chance to deal with it.”

“If we take into consideration what the P4P rankings mean, we have to consider that Volkanovski came from a lighter weight class, and regardless of what you think about the outcome of this fight, the fighters’ position in the rankings is controlled by the media. The media controls the rankings of the best fighters in the organization regardless of weight, and they have a reason to rank Volkanovski and Jones where they are”

The lightweight title fight between Makhachev and Volkanovski will be the main event of UFC 294, which kicks off in a few hours in Abu Dhabi.