Dana White offered two hundred million dollars for a fist-fighting league

UFC CEO, Dana White, has made an attempt to purchase BKFC, a league specializing in bare-knuckle fighting.

This was announced by former UFC welterweight and current BKFC fighter, Mike Perry.

“You know what I heard about a meeting between Dana White and BKFC president David Feldman?” the American said on a recent episode of the Overdogs podcast. “A credible source said that Dana made an offer to buy BKFC. I think it was an under offer, two hundred million dollars, and Feldman said ‘no’.”

That being said, the UFC head honcho spoke harshly against the fist-fighting industry in 2021 when speaking about the tragic death of BKFC fighter Justin Thornton.

“First of all, is anybody shocked that this happened in bare-knuckle fights?”, White stated at the time. “I’m not a big fan of fist fights, and I feel concerned when our people go there. We’ve been putting on fights for over 25 years and I’ve had over seven thousand fights without any serious consequences.”

It should be noted that in addition to his ownership stake in the UFC after the sale of the organization, Dana White owns the Power Slap slap league, which over the past two years has far outpaced bare-knuckle fights in terms of the number of negative reviews regarding the potential health hazards of these contests.