Dana White named the three most intimidating UFC fighters

Dana White named the three most intimidating UFC fighters

UFC president, Dana White, named three fighters of his organization, the presence of which causes him a feeling of fear.

One of them is former UFC heavyweight title challenger Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis.

“I’m scared to be around heavyweights, especially the likes of Derrick Lewis,” UFC chief Paddy Pimblett said on a podcast. “When Derrick goes to a sterdown, the only thing that makes him a little less scary is his sense of humor. Sometimes he is funny. But God forbid you be there when Derrick Lewis doesn’t like his opponent. Once I was between him and another guy in the battle of the eyes, and I tried to keep them – I can say that I would rather not be there. ”

In addition, White is unsettled in the presence of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and current UFC middleweight title holder Alex Pereira.

“Jon Jones is also one of those guys. Another one of the scariest dudes right now is Alex Pereira. When you look at him, he looks like a fucking cold-blooded killer. These three guys come to mind off the top of my head.”

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