‘DAMN! They Were Good’: Dissecting the legendary career of ‘The Iceman,’ Chuck Liddell


DAMN! They Were Good is podcast where we celebrate the careers of some of our favorite fighters ever. This episode, Jed Meshew is joined by Damon Martin and Steven Marrocco to discuss one of the most important fighters in MMA history: Chuck Liddell.

Liddell’s career spans from the pre-Zuffa UFC days up through The Ultimate Fighter boom to MMA’s emergence in the mainstream, and it did so in part because Liddell helped push the sport there. Dubbed “The Iceman” for his stoic demeanor, Liddell captivated fans with his presence and performances, authoring some of the best knockouts in the history of the sport, becoming the first true crossover star for MMA, and serving as the standard bearer for the UFC during its most pivotal time.

Without Chuck Liddell, it’s possible there is no UFC today.

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