Dada 5000 ruled out of return in bare-knuckle bout after Florida commission shuts down fight


Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris will not be making his return to action in November after all.

BYB Extreme on Monday announced that Harris would return to fight as part of the card in Tampa (Fla.) on November 1st. 19. This was Harris’ first fight since his battle with Kimbo Slice back in 2016,, which ended in defeat and sent him to the hospital. He then suffered cardiac arrest.

Despite Harris’ promotion, Harris has been barred from competing in Florida due to an indefinite suspension he received in Texas following a medical emergency.

The Texas Athletic Commission has suspended

“Dhafir Harir. “Mr. Harris won’t be participating at the November event,” representatives from Florida said via email to MMA Fighting.

Harris. 45, had an indefinite suspension Texas. This is the place where the fight against Kimbo was held under the Bellator banner. On that night, Harris suffered a third-round TKO in a contest that saw both athletes exhausted after some early exchanges on the feet. Harris was taken to hospital after the fight. He later disclosed that Harris had suffered two heart attacks. Doctors tried to save Harris’ life for several moments.

“When I actually fell inside that ring, Kimbo Slice never touched me,” Harris said on The Dan LeBatard Show in 2016. “I had a heart attack. So, when I slammed against the cage and I went down, that was just the beginning.

” The heart is a muscle. So when my kidneys stop working and I am still pushing the button, it was time to let go of the heart. It was like my heart had stopped. It was all I could remember. They brought me back and told me that I had suffered two heart attacks. This is what we could provide for you. I had two heart attacks and I [flat-lined] twice.”

Harris was also diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis, a condition that causes muscle fibres to die and their contents are released into the bloodstream. This further threatened his health.

According to Harris, the kidney failure and cardiac arrest meant that he had to continue on dialysis.

After Harris’ fight in 2016,, the Texas commission put Harris on indefinite suspension due to his serious medical conditions. This was his final appearance in combat sports before the announcement about his attempt to come back.

Now it appears those plans have been shelved, at least for the card happening in Florida, as the athletic commission there will not allow Harris to compete.