Curtis Blaydes seeks ‘clarity in Francis Ngannou’s absence. Open to fighting for interim title against Stipe Mocic or Jon Jones


Curtis Blaydes has been here before.

The former champion junior college wrestler has worked hard to get into the UFC title fight. Yet, heavyweight seems to always be in some sort of trouble.

Whether it’s inactivity by the owner of the title or a three-year period that tied up his belt or Francis Ngannou fighting the UFC about his contract, all this adds up and creates frustration.

“I am in limbo,” Blaydes stated recently on The Fighter. The Writer . “I have no idea [who I’m going to fight next]. Maybe I can get the Stipe [Miocic]. in an alternative reality. Maybe I get [Ciryl] Gane. Perhaps someone is hurt and I get Ngannou once again.

“There’s an alternate reality where each of those is a possibility, and right now, the clarity just isn’t there.”

While Blaydes sympathizes with Ngannou’s stance when it comes to his UFC contract, not to mention the surgery to repair damage to his ACL, the champion’s situation nonetheless delays the heavyweight title picture for the next year in all likelihood, if not longer. Because the UFC previously has pulled the trigger on an interim title bout — having done so in 2021 just four months after Ngannou became champion — Blaydes sees that as a distinct option possibility.

” I get it,” Blaydes stated. “If you do have an idea how long he’s going to be out and you think it’s going to be almost a year, yeah, an interim Curtis Blaydes seeking ‘clarity’ in Francis Ngannou’s absence, open to interim title fight against Stipe Miocic, Jon Jones

It makes perfect sense. They’ve got pay-per-view fights they’ve got to fill. It sets up automatic opponents. That’s why I like it.

” You know that if you win an interim title it is not the real title but you will get the title shot. That .”

is my favorite.

If the UFC decides to crown an interim champion, Blaydes would likely join a short list of potential contenders that includes Stipe Miocic, Jon Jones, Ciryl Gane, and recent UFC 271 winner Tai Tuivasa. Blaydes, for his part would gladly face them all if given the chance.

“Stipe, or anyone else, I’d love an interim title shot.” he stated. I think that everyone needs clarity. It just helps. Fans love to project their feelings, even if they lose. With all the .”

unknowns, it’s difficult to achieve that.

To make matters more complicated, Jones has been teasing his move to heavyweight for quite some time, though there’s still no word when he’ll actually make his debut. Jones is a regular commentator on topweight fighters whenever there’s a noteworthy matchup. He’s fast approaching the two-year mark since his last bout in the Octagon.

“It almost feels like Henry Cejudo. He’s constantly talking about his return and how it’s possible to do that,” Blaydes stated of Jones. “I would love to see Henry move up and take on [Alexander Volkanovski], but if you’re going to do it, let’s do it. You get less explosive the longer you wait. Like [Israel Adesanya], he talked about it, he did it. He tried, it didn’t go his way but he persevered.

“If you really want to do it, it’s not that hard. This would also help projections. If I could predict that he would fight at heavyweight, it means that he will also be a factor in the fight, and a possible opponent. It’s .”

I do not know at the moment.

Even if Blaydes is not in the interim title talks, he hopes to be back to fight as soon as possible. But he’s not going to just fight anybody.

“I’m at a different point in my life where the fights and who I fight, it matters,” Blaydes explained. It could lead to life-altering choices. It could be life-altering decisions. Like, ‘Oh, I haven’t had one in a while, so I’ll fight the No. 8 guy.’

“No, I’m not doing that. I won’t wait .”

no matter how long it takes for me to beat my top four opponent.

It’s never an easy game to wait. Blaydes, however, has witnessed this tale play out many times.

” There are a lot unknowns at the moment, which can be frustrating, but that’s part and parcel of being in this business.” he stated. It’s been this way almost all my career with the UFC.

“I got in 2016 and ever since the first [Daniel Cormier] vs. Stipe fight, it’s been a lot of lack of mobility in the rankings, because it’s always been some type of issue with the guy that has the belt. So I’m used to it.”