Cuban heavyweight Pero satisfied with victory on points


Alamodome, San Antonio, USA. Participant of the Olympic Games-2020 Cuban heavyweight (over 90.7 kg)
Dainier Feather (3-0, 2 KOs), the younger brother of heavyweight Lennier Perot, won a third victory in profiring, but failed to knock out the American-Mexican
Daniel Savalu (2-2-2, 0 KOs).

Underdog – a short, pot-bellied man – played the role of a heavy pear. He missed everything that flew in his direction. And a lot came: side, from below and straight to the head, hooks to the body.

Savala even tried to attack. But he acted very slowly. The pen did not invest in blows, he worked in series. It looks like he’s a little tired. Or he decided that it would still not be possible to knock out the potbelly – he reduced the density of the battle.

In the 3rd round, the favorite wound up. He kneaded the opponent with multi-hit combinations, often disturbed with uppercuts, and smashed his face. Savala clinched in time. He is not going to fall. Only 3 minutes until the final gong.

The final round turned out to be not so interesting, because both lost momentum. Savala endured until the gong. Well done, strong man. The judges gave all the rounds to the Cuban – twice 40-36 and one 40-35.

Pen UD 4.