Cris Cyborg reacts to Kayla Harrison losing at PFL Championship card: Larissa Pacheco ‘saved the PFL $3 million’


Cris Cyborg wasn’t celebrating Kayla Harrison suffering the first loss of her career but she definitely had a few words for the two-time Olympic champion on Friday night.

The jaw-dropping result was achieved after Larissa Pacheco performed a spectacular performance and won unanimously over Harrison in PFL Championship’s main event. It was not only the first time Harrison tasted defeat in her career but the first time she had ever lost a round.

Afterwards, Cyborg first offered some kind words to Harrison despite more than a few bitter encounters through interviews and social media between them.

“Tonight will only make Kayla a better fighter,” Cyborg wrote on Twitter. “One thing I learned after going 14 years undefeated is that sometimes you need to lose to become your best.

“Kayla will be back and she will grow from this experience. Congratulations Larissa Pacheco! You are the real world champion .”

Of course, Cyborg went through a somewhat similar situation after her legendary run ended with a stunning knockout courtesy of Amanda Nunes when they clashed in the UFC. It’s only the second time Cyborg had ever suffered defeat in her career.

Prior to this latest fight, Cyborg had engaged in a war of words with Harrison over a potential matchup between them while the promoters for both athletes were drawn into the mix as well.

Cyborg is currently the featherweight champion at Bellator MMA while Harrison was a two-time champion in PFL.

In her second message reacting to Harrison’s loss, Cyborg reposted a message from PFL founder Donn Davis after he offered up $1 million to each fighter with a $2 million bonus to the winner if he could make the fantasy booking become a reality.

Cyborg wasn’t interested back then, and Davis could only remind her about Davis’ offer after Harrison fell to Pacheco.

” I think Donn Davis owes Larissa Pacheco a bonus in the backroom,” Cyborg wrote. “She just saved the PFL $3 million dollars.”

It remains to be seen if this potential matchup will ever actually happen, although the setback suffered by Harrison on Friday seems to throw even more cold water on Cyborg drawing much interest in the possibility.