Crawford-Spence fight: controversial, controversial, but beautiful analysis from a top coach


On the sidelines, they are talking with might and main about when the undefeated pound American welterweight champions Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) and Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) will agree on a face-to-face fight.

Meanwhile, the antagonists were dismantled by compatriot coach Stephen Edwards, known not only for his coaching work (Caleb Plant, Julian Williams) – he also writes for boxing sceneand it is always interesting to read it in
social networks.

“I know you won’t like my answer, because that’s how politicians respond. But it’s true. I would prefer not to gossip about this fight, but to see it, –
smiling Edwards. – After all, I myself wonder whose trump cards will play a decisive role. On paper, it’s very competitive. As for me, stylistically, Crawford will be a puncher, and Spence will be a pure boxer. And it’s a very difficult task not to be knocked out by Crawford or outboxed by Spence.”

Edwards believes that in fact, everything will “look different in comparison with expectations. I will explain my idea on the example of the confrontation between Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns. Leonard was a great boxer, but against Hearns he fought as a puncher. Hearns himself was a pure boxer. What I mean? Look, Spence has a great jab. This is a highly underrated boxer. Really great. He just doesn’t do anything extra, he’s very rational. He has very few movements, he does not flaunt defense and work of the body. At some point, it seems that he is not a pure boxer at all. But it’s not. He just has an incredibly powerful base: an excellent jab, a strong high block, powerfully stands on his feet, presses. It is really difficult to snatch at least one round from him. Believe me, this is a really great fighter.”

“He looks like a young Marvin Hagler – not very spectacular, but as effective as possible. How good is Crawford? He, perhaps, is still a little more talented by nature. He knows how to improvise, changing tactics during the battle. But it is important to understand that in comparison with him, Errol is definitely no less trained in terms of boxing. It’s just that Spence is a much more attacking boxer, and Terence prefers to set traps and catch on mistakes. That’s Crawford’s advantage. He’s just a master at adapting to an opponent. If Errol most often wears out a little, breaks his opponents, then it is Crawford who has more devastating blows. The worst thing is that you don’t even see them,” says Edwards.

The mentor is sure that “a great battle awaits us. I’m even a little sorry that the fights are now 12-round, not 15-round. I admit that 12 rounds for these two may not be enough. I do not rule out that they will have to fight several fights in order to finally determine the strongest.

It is possible that at this stage the fight between Spence and Crawford was completely thwarted. However, it is better to listen to someone who is really in the subject. But the expert thinks otherwise: Errol and Terence will not fight until the end of the year. Interestingly, another top coach still named the favorite.