Crawford or Spence? Experts shared their opinions


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Ade Oladipo, Akin Reyes and Sergio Mora talked about potentially the coolest fight of 2022 – they say that on November 19 in Las Vegas (USA) the undisputed welterweight champion and the new leader P4P rating Americans Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) and Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) will determine.

Oladipo: Most observers and fans believe that the chances of the fighters are about 50/50. Anything can happen. This is fight #1 vs #5 in “pound” (apparently according to DAZN). Fans are discussing whether it is realistic to sell a million paid broadcasts of such a fight. I think it’s quite real, because they are the best of the best. As for me, Spence in the last fights held was forced to give everything to the fullest in order to win. I’m talking about fights with Shawn Porter and Yordenis Ugas. It’s possible that the accident had something to do with it. I’m not sure the version of Errol that beat Kell Brook will ever come back. But Crawford also has problems, because he has not entered the ring for a year. He looks fantastic, but he is still 34 years old. Sometimes age catches up with you suddenly … “

Mora: For me, this is a pure classic. Like Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns. In the sense that they are not just the strongest, but also stylistically completely different. It’s not just a fight for greatness, it’s an old school fight for greatness. Who will win? I have no idea. Sometimes I think it’s Crawford. Sometimes it seems to me that Spence’s advantage in power and anthropometry will still bring victory to him. But I am sure of only one thing – this is the greatest fight in boxing today. Spence seems somehow impenetrable to me. His comeback after the accident just shocked me. But he is a well-trained fighter, Olympian and all that. You see, this also testifies to his steel character. This is very hard to beat…

Oladipo: The contract should include a clause on immediate revenge. Including for the reason that young killers Virgil Ortiz and Jaron Ennis are knocking on the doors of the division. I think that neither Errol nor Terence will voluntarily want to fight them. It’s a risk not worth the reward.

Mora: Yes, the risk must be calculated. I know the fans don’t like that kind of talk, but it’s the reality. That’s how a career is built. Everyone wants to earn maximum money with minimum risk of failure. That’s how everything works here.

Oladipo: Colleagues, who has a better career? On the one hand, Terence has three subjugated divisions. And Spence is practically a clean welterweight. Terence seems to be on top R4R, but if you look solely at the names on his resume, they are not all that impressive. Spence is doing much better in this regard.

Reyes: And there is. If we are talking about names, then we must pay tribute to Errol.

Mora: I also think that he has a stronger resume. Frankly, I am generally his fan, I have been following him since the time of the Olympics. This dude is just a beast. I might bet on Crawford, but my heart is on Spence’s side. And his advantage in size, and his body shots… Crawford is more maneuverable. Plus, both have a punch, so they can finish the fight ahead of schedule. And at any moment.

Oladipo: I personally do not know them, so no bias. I’ll just bet on Terence to win.

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