Cormier backed Aspinall in his conflict with Sejudo

Former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier believes Henry Cejudo made a mistake when he criticized Tom Aspinall for being overly emotional after winning the UFC interim heavyweight title in his bout against Sergey Pavlovic.

“I like Henry Cejudo, but that dude has never been wrong so much,” DC said in another video posted on his Youtube channel. “Henry said, ‘Tom Aspinall shouldn’t have been so emotional – that’s not a real belt.’ It’s not fair.”

“Henry Cejudo became UFC champion because he’s an amazing athlete and just a winner. But Henry Cejudo didn’t cherish the dream of becoming a UFC champion. He grew up with the dream of becoming an Olympic wrestling champion, and he did it. And when he did, he cried. He became champion and he felt like he conquered the world.”

“Tom Aspinall did the same thing. Temporary title or not, he had 12 pounds of gold under his belt, so he was emotional. It was as real to him as the Olympic medal around Sehudo’s neck in Beijing. Tom’s father quit his job so his son could win that belt. So, Henry is wrong. Friend or not, he’s wrong.”

A few days earlier, “Triple Crown Champion” had advised Aspinall to save his tears for when he won the current title rather than the interim one, and the Brit responded by calling the American a “little brat” whose opinion means nothing to him.