“Cop Vs Burglar” Derek Chisora ​​saw Usyk as a “thief”


Former contender for the world heavyweight title (over 90.7 kg) Briton Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs) had a conversation with a news portal journalist
Seconds Out.

In an interview, Chisora, who is currently in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), commented on the rematch planned there for August 20 between the unified champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs) and former British champion Anthony Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs). ).

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We are now back in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Again in the rematch of Joshua, where he will again try to regain the titles. The first question is, can Joshua do it again?

– Yes.

– How?

Of course he can do. Knock him out! This fight is like cops versus robbers.

Who are the cops and who are the robbers? [улыбаются]?

Joshua is a cop, he’s a cop. He must take his titles from the robber [улыбаются]. Yes, you need to look at it this way – Usyk will try to outbox Joshua and win on points again. And Joshua needs to knock him out or, in American terms, he must [цензура].

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— [смеётся] You been in America too long [смеются]. Seriously, obviously, you’re not saying Usyk robbed Joshua, are you?

“That’s not what I mean. Usyk is a great boxer, and Joshua has to come out with the thing that got him to the top, which is knocking out the dude.

– As we know, he hired Robert Garcia to his camp as a coach. Is it possible to just drive a small fighter and beat him without a bunch of newfangled tactics and trying to outbox him? Do you believe that Garcia will bring it, and if not, what strategy is needed for Joshua?

“I think Robert Garcia will put it all together for Joshua, and not do one thing. You just need to carry out various combinations. By doing this, you will knock out the fighter.

– You were a fighter who was written off by the press and fans, you were knocked out, but you won fights that people did not think that you would win. How much does psychology give when you get to this stage at this level of performance?

— Look, first of all, you have to be crazy here. [показывает на голову], like me. I think there are only one or two such fighters. It’s me and Tyson Fury because we don’t care what the public thinks. We don’t care what we wear, we don’t care what we ride, we just love to fight. Therefore, if you include psychology in fights, it becomes easier to lose, win or endure bad decisions. You just come back.

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— We know that Usyk got the rights to broadcast for Ukrainians. He took part in the war. Do you believe that such determination will help him in battle, or can it be a distraction, because there is too much pressure on him and there is a war in his home country?

“Look, I told Joshua about this earlier. This guy has been through a lot. There were bombs, people were killing his people, his country is at the bottom, and all he wants is to bring joy to his country, knock out Joshua, that’s all. Joshua needs to put so much power into one punch to knock him out without getting up. Because if he gets up, we will have a very, very good fight. It all comes down to this – who wants it more, he will win by knockout.

You know Joshua very well, you are good friends. What spark will ignite his fire? We know what Usyk is after, but what is keeping Joshua from flashing and needing to win after so much success, money, title returns? How can he light a fire to win when it comes down to it?

“I think he has fire on him. Because you know what? He has not been home for about 4 months. He did not see his family, his child. The fire is on him, he’s put himself on the other side, so he knows what he’s got to do. In the first fight, he tried to do what worked with Ruiz, but it didn’t work with Usyk because this fighter is a master of the sport. So Joshua had to go back to rethink tactics and come back with his power punches.

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