Conor McGregor won’t get any relief from USADA

Conor McGregor won't get any relief from USADA

Former dual UFC champion Conor McGregor, who dropped out of the USADA testing pool, shouldn’t expect his return to the octagon to come with special perks.

The Irishman revealed last week that he plans to find out the name of his next opponent by taking two drug tests next February, but the American Anti-Doping Agency has signaled that McGregor is waiting for a full half-year of non-stop testing.

“McGregor is not included in the USADA testing pool and should be in it for six months,” USADA Vice President of Public Affairs Avery Walker told ESPN. “We see no good reason to make an exception for him”

Thus, returning to drug tests in February, Conor McGregor will not be able to enter the next fight until August next year. By this time, more than two years will have passed since the Irish lost to Dustin Poirier for the second time in a row, having received a severe leg fracture in the final match of the trilogy with the American.

A few days earlier, Conor McGregor responded harshly to light heavyweight and UFC commentator Anthony Smith, who attributed the Irishman’s absence from the USADA testing pool and his quick recovery to doping.