Conor McGregor reveals why Ryan Garcia lost

Conor McGregor reveals why Ryan Garcia lost

Former dual UFC champion Conor McGregor, who was personally present at the boxing match between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, knows why the latter failed to get on the count of ten after he missed a blow to the liver in the seventh round and went down on his knee.

According to the Irishman, Garcia’s difficult weight race is to blame, who, for the sake of the fight with Davis, had to go down to the weight category up to 136 pounds, although he had previously competed in weight up to 138 and 140 pounds. In addition, under the contract, Garcia could not enter the ring with a weight exceeding 146 pounds.

“Their low weight and lack of ability to recover properly after the weight race certainly played a role,” McGregor told InsideFighting. “In fact, he did not crouch from a blow to the body. He accepted it, stepped back, thought, and then sat down. It wasn’t the blow that killed him, but his delayed action. If he had been allowed to rehydrate, things might have turned out differently.”

Recall that the fight of undefeated boxers, held in Las Vegas, ended with an early victory for Davis at around 1:44 of the seventh round, and in the second round, Garcia was knocked down, missing a counter blow from the left.