Conor McGregor responds to Artem Lobov’s Proper 12 suit, snaps back at Cris Cyborg


Artem Lobov is officially on Conor McGregor’s hit list after filing suit against the former two-division UFC champ.

McGregor made fun of his teammate on Twitter with a song. The only lyrics were “Artem…nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnaha, hey

McGregor was impressed with the effort by some of his colleagues. UFC veteran Dan Hooker acknowledged that it was catchy.

However, others were less impressed. Former UFC featherweight champion and current Bellator titleholder Cris Cyborg dubbed the tune “pathetic,” drawing a swift comeback from “The Notorious” captured by Twitter user @GeloInPain.

“”You are an abomination,” McGregor wrote. “Shut your pie hole.”

McGregor’s reply to Lobov came the day after he asked more questions about his relationship with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the UFC partner in anti-doping. The Irish star lashed out at Anthony Smith for insinuating he left the USADA drug testing pool to use performance-enhancers for recovery, calling the UFC light heavyweight vet a “loser.” Amid his rant, he also appeared to acknowledge the truth of Smith’s critique, writing that his treatment plan for a broken leg was “approved” by USADA.

As McGregor’s actions are debated in the court of public opinion, his battle with Lobov in a courtroom is pending. The former UFC featherweight and bare-knuckle brawler claims he played a major part in helping McGregor’s popular whiskey, Proper 12, come to fruition and wants a 5 percent cut of the $600 million McGregor got when he sold the brand to Proximo Spirits.

McGregor remains on the mend from the broken leg he suffered in a trilogy with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Recently, he completed filming for an Amazon remake “Road House,” which saw him gain considerable weight. This raises questions about the status of his drug testing.