Conor McGregor responds to Artem Lobov’s lawsuit

Conor McGregor responds to Artem Lobov's lawsuit

Former double UFC champion Conor McGregor has publicly made it clear what he thinks of his former best friend and sparring partner Artem Lobov, who is trying to sue him for thirty million dollars.

To this end, the Irishman published on social networks an audio recording with a song of his own performance, the only verse of which consists of the phrase “And Artem is a rat, na-na na-na, hey, na-na na-na, hey!”

Last Wednesday, it became known that Russian Hammer sued McGregor, claiming that he was the author of the idea to launch the Proper No. whiskey brand. 12, and to receive five per cent of the six hundred million dollars the Irishman made from his sale.

A few months earlier, Artem Lobov gave an interview in which he spoke about his involvement in the launch of the brand, and also announced that he had refused a million dollars offered to him as a thank you by Conor McGregor.