Conor McGregor responds to allegations of doping

Conor McGregor responds to allegations of doping

This weekend, the former UFC champion in two weight divisions, Conor McGregor, decided to immediately answer all the public claims against him.

Having sung a song dedicated to Artem Lobov, the Irishman burst into an angry tirade against light heavyweight and UFC commentator Anthony Smith, who directly accused him of doping.

“I’m worried as hell that he’s out of the USADA testing pool,” Smith said in a recent interview with MMA Junkie. “There is only one reason why he did it. He looks chemo to the eyeballs. He posts videos of himself standing in front of a mirror and he’s just huge. He recovered very quickly. I would say too fast”

McGregor’s response was posted on social media.

“This rat spoke to Weidman, who suffered the same horrific injury and is still suffering from serious complications,” the Irishman wrote. “He worries that I managed to recover and return to a normal life. He, like the other rats in this game, would be happy if I couldn’t play with my kids like I used to.”

“What a fool this loser is! Anthony Smith, you’re a loser! The percentage of bones that heal after such a fracture is very low. You think I don’t care, but I’m the most tested martial artist of all time. I gave everything to this game. You are nobody! I thought you yourself broke your leg in your last fight, you little idiot. You’re a disgrace, so keep my name out of your fucking mouth!”

“Everything was completely disclosed before they stopped checking me. After such injuries, as I experienced, fighters need relief and support. My thoughts are with Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva. Only the three of us understand the gravity of this injury.”

Earlier, Conor McGregor announced that he plans to return to the American Anti-Doping Agency testing pool in February, and then find out the name of his next opponent.