Conor McGregor reacts to Canelo Alvarez’s attack

Conor McGregor reacts to Canelo Alvarez's attack

Former UFC champion in two weight classes, Conor McGregor, who a week earlier announced his readiness to deliver problems to Canelo Alvarez in the ring, did not ignore the reciprocal attack of the eminent Mexican boxer.

“I’m left-handed, John Ryder is left-handed, Billy Joe Saunders is left-handed – I see a way,” McGregor said in a recent interview. “I know what needs to be done to weaken it. I would have fought Canelo with no problem at all.”

“I didn’t see what he said because right now I don’t have social networks on my phone, but I will beat him with one hand behind my back,” Alvarez replied with a laugh, answering a related question from a journalist.

“Canelo, you little redhead sausage. I would beat you with no hands at all. Don’t forget this,” the Irishman wrote on the social network, referring to the Mexican.

Recall that Conor McGregor plans to fight against Michael Chandler before the end of the year, and Saul Alvarez successfully defended his title of absolute world boxing champion in the second middleweight at the beginning of this month, defeating British John Ryder by unanimous decision.