Conor McGregor predicts Jon Jones vs Cyril Gan fight

Conor McGregor predicts Jon Jones vs Cyril Gan fight

Despite the fact that Conor McGregor publicly refused to name the likely winner in the upcoming fight between Jon Jones and Cyril Gun, the Irishman is ready to bet a large amount on a definite outcome of the title fight.

The former double UFC champion shared his plan on the social network, commenting on the news that the popular Canadian performer Drake bet $ 250 thousand on Jones’ victory by knockout.

“Good bet, I’m thinking the same thing,” McGregor wrote.

If Drake’s prediction comes true, he will win more than a million dollars, however, given the rapper’s bad luck, which has become the talk of the town, the Irishman will be more likely to win if he bets on any other outcome than this.

Not later than a week ago, Drake once again confirmed his “eyes” by betting 400 thousand dollars on the early victory of blogger Jake Paul in a boxing match with Briton Tommy Fury.

Recall that the fight for the vacant UFC heavyweight championship belt between Jon Jones and Cyril Gan will headline the UFC 285 tournament, which kicks off in Las Vegas in a few hours.