Conor McGregor pokes fun at Dustin Poirier’s staph infection, deletes tweet


Conor McGregor didn’t let Dustin Poirier’s hospitalization from a staph infection keep him from a tweet in poor taste.

Not long after McGregor poked fun at Poirier’s picture of the grizzly infection that’s put him in the hospital, he deleted the message – but not before it could be screen-shotted.

“Karma the left paw an all haha chop that thing off keep it for Halloween pal hahahaha,” McGregor wrote.

The former two-division champ remains as vocal as ever online, firing back at insults real and perceived. Just one day ago, McGregor sent well wishes – well, his version of well wishes – to Poirier, writing “heal up soon scruffy knickers.”

In response, Piorier quipped, “You done filming Roid House and ready to get slapped around again?”

McGregor attacked Poirier’s family during their UFC trilogy. After McGregor broke his leg in the second round of their UFC 264, he unloaded with another stream of insults that drew a harsh response from Poirier. Ever since, the two have sparred online, though Poirier has dismissed a fourth fight, looking forward to different challenges.

McGregor’s recovery from his injury has raised suspicions for his withdrawal from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s drug testing pool. McGregor claimed that his actions were part of healing and had involved UFC’s anti doping partner. Photos of McGregor’s muscular body have led to accusations that he used steroids, including one from Joe Rogan who almost accused him doping. McGregor retaliated with a photo side-by-side of Joe Rogan, accusing him indirectly of hypocrisy.