Conor McGregor made a request to Artem Lobov

Conor McGregor made a request to Artem Lobov

Despite the ostentatious bravado, it seems that Artem Lobov’s lawsuits are a serious enough problem for Conor McGregor.

In another appeal to the Russian Hammer, the Irishman asked his former best friend and sparring partner to stop the trial and leave him alone.

“In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is just a stupid waste of time for the Irish courts,” McGregor wrote on the social network. “Artem, you have become a jester! Just leave me alone, you little sausage! Now you’re known as the “sausagehead” man in all the news.”

A month ago, Artem Lobov sued McGregor, claiming that he was the author of the idea to launch the Proper No. whiskey brand. 12, and to receive five per cent of the six hundred million dollars the Irishman made from his sale.

After a former teammate began to publicly insult him on social networks, Lobov filed a second lawsuit, accusing the former UFC champion and his father of defamation, insults and an attempt to intimidate him.