Conor McGregor: “I quit training and started drinking”

Former UFC champion in two weight categories, Conor McGregor, explained why there was less material on his social networks related to the training process and his upcoming return to the octagon.

“I had a training camp in Cannes in the south of France, I had a camp in Dubai with world champions training with me and I was looking forward to a fight in December and then January,” the Irishman told The Mac Life. “Then my comeback started to be delayed and as a result I lost interest, quit full training and started drinking. Now I’m going to come back and regroup.”

Conor McGregor hasn’t stepped into the octagon since July 2021, when he suffered a severe leg fracture in the final match of his trilogy against Dustin Puryear. Last year, the Irishman took part in the filming of the next season of TUF, where he competed with Michael Chandler as a trainer, however, their confrontation never made it to the octagon.

Nevertheless, in a recent interview, the former UFC double champion said that he was going to fight Chandler in June, and in September to complete a principled trilogy with Nate Diaz, however, representatives of the strongest league in the world have not yet confirmed this information.