Conor McGregor compared Artem Lobov to a pet

Conor McGregor compared Artem Lobov to a pet

Having been sued by Artem Lobov, former UFC two-weight champion Conor McGregor now understands the Russian Hammer’s craving for specific pets.

“My 63-year-old father receives letters from Artyom’s lawyers,” the Irishman wrote on the social network. “I remember you told me and my father that you kept rodents and reptiles as pets. Rats and snakes are your theme, they are close to you, you said. Or don’t you remember it? You are an absolute jerk”

Last week it became known that Lobov sued McGregor, stating that he was the author of the idea to launch the Proper No. whiskey brand. 12, and to receive five per cent of the six hundred million dollars the Irishman made from his sale. The day before, the former UFC champion announced another lawsuit in which Lobov accuses him and his father of defamation.

A few months earlier, Artem Lobov gave an interview in which he spoke about his involvement in the launch of the Proper No. brand. 12, and also announced that he turned down a million dollars offered to him as a thank you by Conor McGregor.