Conor McGregor challenges Artem Lobov

Conor McGregor challenges Artem Lobov

Calling Artem Lobov a rat, former UFC champion in two weight divisions, Conor McGregor, is ready to move proceedings with his former best friend and sparring partner from court to the gym.

“This is my challenge to Artem “Pillow Hands” Lobov,” the Irishman said in a voice message posted on the social network. “I challenge you tonight at the SBG Concord and we’ll put it all on the line. Lawyers tell me how you slander me, you little f****. I’ll see you at the SBG Concord club and we’ll fight you for everything, right? Answer this damn challenge, you little s*****”

“Artem is trying to sue me and my father thanks to slander. Artem, you look like a raw sausage. Jump in the pan buddy“, McGregor added in a text message, posting the corresponding image.

Last week, it became known that Russian Hammer sued McGregor, claiming that he was the author of the idea to launch the Proper No. whiskey brand. 12, and to receive five per cent of the six hundred million dollars the Irishman made from his sale.

A few months earlier, Artem Lobov gave an interview in which he spoke about his involvement in the launch of the brand, and also announced that he had refused a million dollars offered to him as a thank you by Conor McGregor.