Conor Benn faces 4-year doping ban


Prospect-knockout welterweight (up to 66.7 kg) British Conor Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) faces a 4-year disqualification – caught using a banned drug clomiphene.

Due to Benn’s positive doping test, a large-scale PPV boxing evening from promoter Eddie Hearn was disrupted (Matchroom Boxing) – already today in London (England) in the main event of the show he was supposed to box with fellow middleweight Chris Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs).

The case was taken up in British Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD). The organization will contact colleagues from VADA (it was they who identified the prohibited drug in the athlete’s body) with a request to provide them with all the data. The point is that only UKAD can impose a disqualification on a British athlete due to a positive doping test, as it is the only body in the country to oversee illegal drugs in sport.

The source points out that there were earlier concerns about the way forward. VADA, as it is a private structure. It was assumed that VADA and may refuse UKADreferring to the terms of the contract. But the organization has already answered that there are no obstacles – UKAD receive a copy of the documents.

Clomiphene (fertility drug) is often illegally used in sports, as “restores testosterone synthesis, inhibits aromatase, improves the functioning of steroids in the body.”

Coming up with a sane explanation of how the fertility drug got into Benn’s body is another task. And if the British team does not cope with the problem, then Conor faces a disqualification for up to 4 years.

So far, Benn has not explained how clomiphene got into his body. And the organizers of the show are still trying to keep a good face on a bad game – they announced not the cancellation of the fight, but the postponement.

An interesting detail: the British media estimate the fight Eubank vs Benn at 15 million pounds.

The incident ruined the holiday for a local legend – Ricky Hatton said: “It was my f*cking birthday.” The delinquent Benn is “shocked”, says he is “clean”. And Eubank trolls him harshly: he will pay for the removal of the tattoo from the belly of the unfortunate fan of Conor: photo.