Colby Covington’s “cute” callout from Dustin Poirier is answered by Dustin Poirier: “You have to fight welterweight competitors.”


Dustin Poirier knows exactly what he wants next, and it’s not a showdown against ex-teammate Colby Covington.

Covington, the former UFC lightweight champion and twice-crowned title challenger, was definitely aware of his name after he won unanimously over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272”s main event. However, he seems not to be interested in the fight.

” “It’s adorable,” Poirier stated about Poirier’s callout at the UFC Vegas 50 after-fight show. “It’s all good. It is what it is. Many people want to see big fights. This is a huge fight. He wants a big fight. He’s obviously not eligible for the title fight. He lost twice to the champ so he probably needs a few more wins, but I would think if you want to get back to that strap, you’ve got to fight welterweight contenders.

“I don’t know what I’m doing, if I’m going to welterweight, if I’m staying at [155 pounds], we’ll see. It is what it is.”

Covington wasn’t content with calling for the fight, he took the time to make fun of Poirier and his wife.

Poirier did not address these comments, but it is clear that he doesn’t like the trash talk that Covington has used to gain so much attention since his climb up the ranks of welterweight.

“It works for him,” Poirier stated. “He’s got people talking. You’re asking me about him. But it’s just not my style. That’s what I dislike about the sport nowadays.”

With little interest in pursuing a fight with Covington, Poirier instead still has his sights set on a future showdown against Nate Diaz after they’ve continued to exchange messages on social media over the past few months.

Both fighters have indicated that they will sign the contract, but the UFC is hesitant to book the fight with Diaz as he approaches the end of his current contract.

Still, Poirier is confident that the UFC will eventually come around and give him the fight that he truly desires.

“Nate Diaz is a fight I want,” Poirier said. “I’ve been watching him and his brother forever so it’s exciting for me. It would be a lot of fun for fans. That’s more likely than the Colby fight. It’s likely .”

this summer.

Poirier still hasn’t decided what his next weight class will be after hinting at 155 he may have to drop from his previous outing, when he lost to Charles Oliveira.

Poirier doesn’t mind staying at lightweight but it will be a challenge. He also knows that it will take a lot more work than the potential joy he would have in training for a fight at 170 pound.

” I can still make 155, that’s how I choose to spend my time,” Poirier said. “Like, if I want to be in camp dieting hardcore, or maybe living a little bit more of a fun camp where I can eat and feel like I can heal up and just have fun training, not hating the diet.

“We’ll see. Right now, I am not taking any major decisions. Just kind of playing the options I have.”