Colby Covington has accused Jon Jones of scheming

UFC welterweight title challenger Colby Covington has explained why his fight against the division’s current champion, Leon Edwards, has yet to be part of the UFC 295 event that will headline the heavyweight title clash between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic.

“Birds whispered to me that Jon told the big bosses backstage that he refuses to share the card with me,” “Chaos” told Michael Bisping. “That means they’re going to give him what he wants. They don’t want to ruin their show in New York, and they’re still hoping he’ll show up. But they need a backup plan because Jones is unreliable and I’m the best man in the company.”

“Think about it, does Jon Jones want to share a card with his former college roommate who knows all his dirty secrets, all his hidden skeletons in the closet? He’s afraid of embarrassment at a press conference because I always tell the truth. I’m betting he bluntly told the UFC, ‘I’m not sharing the card with Colby. I refuse to fight there.'”

“The only option for our fight with Leon to take place in New York is that we all know – John is unpredictable and can suddenly sniff out white girls like Joe Biden. He can’t be relied upon. He could be eliminated from that card, and we may have to save the day and run the show.”

As a reminder, UFC 295 will take place on November 11 at the famed Madison Square Garden Arena in New York City.