Colby Covington gives advice to Aljamain Sterling

Colby Covington gives advice to Aljamain Sterling

The reigning UFC bantamweight title holder, Aljamain Sterling, need not worry that despite his activity, he remains one of the most unpopular champions in the history of the organization, according to UFC welterweight number two, Colby Covington.

“I would advise him to just keep being himself,” Chaos told MMA Fighting. “Over time, people will have no choice but to respect you, because you will prove them wrong and silence them – this is the best revenge. Your success is the best revenge. He just has to keep doing his thing.”

“He’s doing great things for the company’s business – he’s writing bantamweight history. I think he’s fine and shouldn’t worry too much about the haters right now. He has to worry about what his bank account looks like.”

Another wave of hate against Aljamain Sterling was provoked by his statement that he would most likely not be able to defend his title against Sean O’Malley on August 19, although this fight has already been announced as the main event of the UFC 292 tournament in Boston.