Colby Covington answered the challenge of Islam Makhachev

Contender for the UFC welterweight championship belt, Colby Covington, who will face Leon Edwards on Dec. 16 at UFC 296 in Las Vegas, commented on Islam Makhachev’s reported desire to make a superfight with the winner of the welterweight title fight.

“All these guys talk a big game, but do not confirm their words with deeds – there is nothing behind the loud barking,” the American said in an interview with Submission Radio. “Dagestani fight against American fight, everyone wants to see this fight. Makhachev opened his mouth, but we all know that his manager Abdelosliz won’t let him cross me. He can talk all he wants in the media, but it’s all frivolous – he knows I’m going to beat the de**m out of him. That sheep herder won’t want to grapple with real American steel.”

“I think it’s the biggest and most entertaining fight the UFC can put on at the moment – that’s why we have to do it. In the offseason, the guy weighs more than me. I just decided to fight at my natural weight – I don’t want to race for the sake of getting an advantage. I’d like to see him step up and test himself, because so far the Dagestani is just talking a big game. Come out and test yourself at your natural weight! He talks about being the number one P4P fighter – let him come out and prove it with a fight at his natural weight”

Before a welterweight title fight becomes a reality, the Russian must successfully defend the UFC lightweight championship belt he owns in a rematch against Charles Oliveira headlining UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi on October 21.