Coach Ghana: “Of the 7 billion people on the planet, you will not find two as different as Cyril and Ngannou”

Coach Cyril Gan and former trainer Francis Ngannou Fernand Lopez called the upcoming fight between them the most attractive in the history of heavyweight MMA.

“This is the most compelling fight in heavyweight MMA history. Of the 7 billion people living on the planet, you will not find two who are so different from each other. I’m not sure people have ever seen someone who is able to generate power like Francis Ngannou and someone who is able to elude power and read combat like Cyril Gun.

I am proud that such a battle has fallen in my life and that I am involved in its history. Honestly, I would like to watch this fight at home with a bucket of popcorn and a bottle of water. Sitting at the TV – the way our parents sat and watched the fight between Ali and Foreman in Kinshasa. This fight [Нганну — Ган] – this is the level of “boma ye” (when Ali went to fight with Foreman, the Congolese shouted: “Ali, boma ye!” – “Ali, kill him!” – Approx. “SE”). And the audience will understand that when the fight starts.”

Ngannou and Gan will face off on January 22 in the main event of UFC 270 in Anaheim.