Coach Gan told how he persuaded Cyril to respond to insults from Derrick Lewis, but he refused

Cyril Gan’s trainer and Francis Ngannou’s former trainer Fernand Lopez has revealed how his fighter refused to respond to Derrick Lewis’ insults during the UFC 265 press conference.

“At the press conference before the Lewis fight, Cyril asked me to back him up with a transfer,” Lopez told Submission Radio. – His English is not as fluent as mine, so he asked: “If I don’t understand something, tell me.” And we attached a microphone to him. I had to press a button in which case and prompt him into this microphone.

And there was a moment when a Frenchman from the audience asked Derrick: “What will it be like to lose at home to a Frenchman?”. And Derrick replied, “Excuse my French, but f**** him and f**** your French.” And I said to Cyril into the microphone: “Tell him “Fuck you too!”. And Cyril shook his head, no, I won’t say that.

And there sitting next to me was Cyril’s brother, David Gun. He shouts at Cyril into the microphone: “Send his f*** back! Let’s!”. Cyril shook his head again. That’s the kind of person he is. He will never say what he was ordered to. He is not such a person, he will not step over himself, he will not show himself to be who he is not.

On January 22, Gan will face Ngannou in the main event of the evening at UFC 270 in Anaheim.