Chute Boxe and AKA: Charles Oliveira is in the corner. Elves Brenner was excited to meet Islam Makhachev, his teammate at UFC 284


The Chute Boxe team is still out for revenge while Charles Oliveira pursues Islam Makhachev and the UFC belt, but another lightweight from Sao Paulo has the chance to score a consolation victory this Saturday at UFC 284 in Perth, Australia.

The pay-per view card features Makhachev against Alexander Volkanovski (featherweight champion), and Islam’s partner Zubaira Tukhugov against Elves Brenner, a newcomer to Chute Boxe in the preliminary segment. Oliveira will be in Brenner’s corner.

So far, as Makhachev alluded prior to his second-round submission win over “do Bronx” in Abu Dhabi, “Team Makhachev” is now 3-0 against “Team Oliveira” after Islam Mamedov and Tagir Ulanbekov won decisions over Jorge Patino and Allan Nascimento at WSOF and UFC, respectively, and Makhachev beat Oliveira for UFC gold. Adriano Martins was Makhachev’s only loss in MMA. He joined Chute Boxe just a few years later.

” I remember Charles’ reaction in Abu Dhabi after Charles’ loss.” Brenner stated on this week’s episode of Trocacao Frankca .. “All the Russians around us, and us pissed at all of them. We were with 10 or 15 Brazilians in the stands and all those Russians screaming and pointing at us, a bunch of son of a guns. This fight against Zubaira has been very fascinating to me

Brenner stepped in as a replacement for Joel Alvarez on Feb. 11, and said Tukhugov’s comments lit extra fire in him.

“He said he had never heard of me before, that he was ‘given a present for 2023.’ He’ll have 15 minutes to know me — if he makes it to the end,” Brenner said. If we make it to the end, his .”

will raise his hands, but my hand.

The 25-year-old Brazilian makes his UFC debut after winning two fights in a row via first-round stoppage, and he had “do Bronx” in his corner for his most recent bout in Mexico. Brenner says that his game is much improved since he joined Chute Boxe. He’s also a better fighter than the one who competed in Russia’s 2019, against Sergey Andreev. Petersburg.

” I’ve been in a fight with a Russian fighter before, but that was at his house. These guys are filthy,” Brenner stated. “Sorry for the word, but these guys are really dirty. If you fight there, you either kill them or they won’t give you the win. I fought there and I know what it’s like. I’ve felt their strength, but I’m from Amazonas, I’m jiu-jitsu, and I have nothing to fear.”

Despite his previous Russian experience, Tukhugov’s comments, Makhachev’s win over him, Brenner ensures that he is a professional and will remain ice-cold inside the cage.

” Fighting him reminded me of Abu Dhabi. But I’m also cold when fighting. I’m intelligent,” he stated. “You can’t show any emotions.”

Brenner scored 11 of his 13 professional MMA victories by way of submission, eight of those in the opening stanza, and feels that’s the easier path to victory against Tukhugov. That being said, working on his hands and kicks with coach Diego Lima in Sao Paulo gives him confidence on the feet as well.

“Zubaira is a wrestler who only has one submission in his career and seven knockouts, and he gets lost if you put pressure and don’t let him find himself,” Brenner said. “In my opinion, not to be cocky, it’s a great matchup for me. I’m very comfortable with this fight. That is the truth .”

Having imitated Michael Chandler, Dustin Poirier, and Makhachev in sparring sessions with Oliveira in the gym to help prepare the former champ ahead of his previous UFC bouts, Brenner feels he’s one step ahead of Tukhugov at UFC 284.

“This AKA against Chute Boxe duel will be reversed,” Brenner stated. “There’s myself at 155, Charles will catch Makhachev soon, and [Daniel Santos] ‘Willycat’ can fight Umar [Nurmagomdov]. You can say it’s 3-1 for AKA because Adriano Martins knocked out Makhachev, and we’ll start to reverse the score.”