Christine Ferea will defend BKFC title in April against former champion Bec Rawlings


BKFC flyweight champ Christine Ferea won’t compete on the February BKFC KnuckleMania 3 Card. 17, But she has already booked her next assignment.

Ferea lost her opponent Usanakorn Thawilsuhannawang in the final minute. Ferea will now take on ex-bare knuckle champ Bec Rawlings at an April BKFC event. In the next few days, the exact date and the location of the card will be revealed.

Officials from BKFC confirmed Saturday’s switch to MMA Fighting.

Ferea is a digger over the past couple of fights, en route to being crowned champion in BKFC. Before defeating Calista Silgado and Calie Cutler, Ferea dominated Taylor Starling’s last fight in August.

Rawlings will be her second appearance with BKFC since signing after a short stint in Bellator MMA. Rawlings was defeated by Hart-Beltran in her second appearance since returning to the bare-knuckle contest. This defeat came after she had previously been 3-0.

Rawlings previously held the Police Gazette and World Boxing Foundation Latin America titles in BKFC prior to the organization introducing its own championships.

Rawlings vs. Ferea will be the major event on an April card, though more details are yet to be revealed.