Chisora: “Tribunes start to sing – my bar drops”


Despite his long career, Zimbabwe-born British citizen Derek Chisora ​​(32-12, 23 KOs) is not going to stop. What it is, the thirst for money, fame, love for the craft of a lifetime, or a little of everything, is up to boxing fans to decide.

But a month before his rematch against Kubrat Pulev (29-2, 14 KOs), the British veteran says he’ll put on a typical Chisora ​​show again.

“When the stands begin to sing this beautiful song – “oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, De-e-erek Chisora-ah”, there is such a pump that I just can’t. The plan for the battle is going through the forest and I just go out to cut, ”he throws up his hands.

Duel of looks. Pulev-Chisora: the first resetdown

According to him, the main plan is “it’s the fans, that’s all.”

“To entertain them is the plan. I lost something there, won something, but it doesn’t matter. I just prefer to fight,” admitted the Briton.

A typical day, according to Derek, looks like this: “I wake up every morning, go to the gym, and I still have a thirst for it all. I invite these young guys who come into the ring into the ring. We spar and I can see the fear in their eyes by the time they get to the 3rd or 4th round. I’m still hungry, I still want to fight and tear people apart.”

On the same press, Pulev called Derek “his usual Chisora.” And quite already the veteran Mike Tyson broke up and almost ruined the coach’s cabin.

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