Charlo broke his arm, the fight with Tszyu was thwarted


The absolute world champion in the first middleweight (up to 66.9 kg) Jermell Charlo broke his left arm in training, and therefore his mandatory defense against Tim Tszyu, scheduled for January 28, is now at least postponed indefinitely, at most – disrupted.

As writes
boxing scene, the “lucky” American broke his hand in two places – between the little finger and ring finger and at the base of the thumb. Cause? Unsuccessfully struck in sparring on December 20th.

After consulting with two doctors and a hand specialist, he was given a cast that will keep him walking for at least two months. After the cast is removed, rehabilitation will begin before doctors are allowed to resume training.

Tszyu believes that he is more powerful than the 32-year-old “old man” Charlo

“I sparred, landed a good shot and as soon as it hit the target, I realized that something was wrong. I immediately felt my hand “throb,” Charlo said. “I had two X-rays and an MRI to see what was wrong. It turned out that the brush was broken in two places. I hate this feeling. The arm will be in a cast for two months. I am just as disappointed as the fans, if not more, because this was my first chance to defend my absolute status.”

Charlo says that he would “beat Tszyu with one hand,” but the doctors and the boxing commission will not allow this.

Tim expressed “great disappointment”, because he was going to shake Las Vegas the way Kostya Tszyu, his father, did 21 years ago.

“I felt that the stars had already converged as they should … Well, we are moving on. I’m ready to take on the next mandatory challenger. I’ll be back for Charlo as soon as he’s ready and recovered,” Tim said.

At the moment, there is no new date for the rescheduled fight.

At the beginning of winter, we recall, Crawford suddenly began to praise e-Charlo.