Charles Oliveira isn’t yet a lightweight GOAT, but there are ‘no arguments against facts’


Is Charles Oliveira the greatest lightweight to ever compete in MMA?

The debate gained momentum following Oliveira’s win over Justin Gaethje in the first round at UFC 274,, which increased his winning streak to 11. This is a long run with former UFC and Bellator champions, as well as veterans such as Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson. As the No. 1 ranked lightweight in MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings.

Only two of Oliveira’s 21 octagon wins have come via decision — an incredible feat that puts the 32-year-old at the top of many of UFC’s all-time record lists.

“Most bonuses. Most submissions. Most finishes. Oliveira spoke on the episode of MMA Fighting’s Trocacao Franka . this week. “I’m breaking records. Arguments against facts are not possible. I’m the chosen one. That’s the reality.”

When asked flat out if he has already surpassed B.J. Penn and Khabib Nurmagomedov as the best 155-pounder in the history of the sport, “do Bronx” gave two answers.

First, Oliveira began to say he is “the greatest of all-time.”

He continued his reply after a short pause.

“He said that he was on his way. “I’m becoming one of the best of all-time. I don’t think [I am] yet. Take one step at a given time. It’s all uphill. We have to keep our feet on the ground, be humble. Let people think that. What do you think, am I the greatest of all-time? This is the real question.

“My age, 32, with records of most submissions and bonuses and so many other things I have to start writing down so I don’t forget. 11 is the lightweight champion. Only one of those 11 victories was decided. We’re happy.”

On paper, however, Oliveira is no longer the UFC lightweight champion after coming in half-pound over the lightweight championship limit the day before UFC 274 following some confusion with the hotel scale. That doesn’t change a thing for the Brazilian though, who continues to refer to himself as the UFC champion.

” I’ll continue to make history,” Oliveira stated. “No one took my belt from me. “I gained weight. I have always lost weight. I had those huge problems, but nobody can take this from my head. Charles Oliveira is the champion, and that’s what I have shown one more.

“The reality is I made weight. There were this issue with the scale, but I showed who’s the champion. It didn’t matter if half a pound was added to the fight. I went there and did what I had to do, won, and showed who’s the champion.”