Chara Bullet set for UFC debut

Chara Bullet set for UFC debut

The popular Russian fighter Sharabutdin Magomedov, who signed a contract with the UFC in December, will make his debut in the world’s strongest league on October 21 at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi, and one of the organization’s top middle division fighters will become his opponent.

This was announced by the coach of “Balls Bullet”, Gor Azizyan.

“In October, Abu Dhabi,” said a Russian specialist in an interview with the channel “Ushatayka”. “I can’t say the name, but it will be a top fighter. Shara will soon be UFC champion. As I said four years ago, I am saying the same now. Now everyone is talking about it – Shara will be the UFC champion.

A month earlier, Magomedov said that he plans to hold the first fight in the organization in August of this year.

29-year-old Sharabutdin Magomedov was supposed to be Vladimir Mineev’s next opponent, however, due to the dispatch of the reigning AMC Fight Nights champion to the CBO zone, the Russian league had to cancel the middleweight title fight.

Last year, Shara Bullet had four fights, two of them in the Russian organization RCC, scoring three early victories and one by unanimous decision.