Chael Sonnen: UFC returns ‘leading charge’ for Nate Diaz’s free agent opportunities


Chael Sonnen is excited to see what’s next for Nate Diaz, even if Diaz simply decides to return to the UFC.

Since Diaz won his contract by defeating Tony Ferguson at the UFC 279 main event in September this year, much speculation has swirled about what Diaz might do with the free agency he now enjoys after having been a UFC member for 15 many years. Social media and boxing star Jake Paul has openly talked about welcoming Diaz to the ring and Diaz’s management recently announced that he would be applying for a promoter’s license, presumably to have even greater control over his career and earnings.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour , Sonnen offered his opinion to the discussion, warning fans that Diaz might not have to take a new path to achieve what he desires.

“You want to know what Nate Diaz is going to do next? Unknown,” Sonnen said. “When I tell you unknown, what I’m trying to say is all options are on the table, but that option is also to return to the UFC and to fight Conor McGregor. That’s not just gone now, and it has to be Jake Paul or Floyd Mayweather and he’s got to go start his own promotion.

” These are just a few possibilities. But a return is also possible. In fact, it seems to be leading the charge for what Nate Diaz .”

can do.

Would a return to the UFC be disappointing? Sonnen doesn’t think so.

The former UFC two-division title challenger believes Diaz is at a stage where he can use his leverage to negotiate favorable terms with the UFC.

“He wouldn’t just be returning,” Sonnen stated. Sonnen stated, “There would be an entirely new conversation and I believe he is eager to have it.” Yes, it is leading the way. He’s not going to go off to box Floyd, and while I’m not sure how many legs Jake Paul has, I know that there is something there to pull .”


Knowing Diaz it is unlikely that anyone will break the news sooner than he. He has a long history of being a man who does things his own way. After a memorable fight with Conor McGregor, and the battle for Jorge Masvidal’s “BMF” title at Madison Square Garden, Diaz became a well-known name in combat sport.

For Sonnen, this uncertainty is a characteristic of the Diaz brand and not a problem.

“Following Nate Diaz can be a complicated process,” Sonnen stated. He would probably tell me. If I phoned him, I would say, “Hey Nate. By the way, my curiosity has got me. What are you going do?” I have never done this and it is not because I could keep it a secret. I was worried that he might give it to me. I don’t know that I want to know. I enjoy this. Nate’s maneuvering is very enjoyable.

“Nate has said a number of things that I didn’t believe. I thought he was working them. For example, he stated that he wanted to fight Chimaev [The MMA Hour] two days after he made the statement. I was skeptical at the time he said it. He said, “I’m either going to walk away” or “I’m going my own promotion”, but when he replied, “I’m considering Floyd,” I assumed these were things that you said. When he said he turned down Conor McGregor, which just by my math of understanding his contract would bring him in $12 million. This would have been a huge night in this industry. I didn’t believe it. I thought he was working, I thought he was getting attention, and they all end up being straight and I’ve frankly enjoyed the journey.”