Chael Sonnen gave advice to Francis Ngannou

Chael Sonnen gave advice to Francis Ngannou

Former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender, Chael Sonnen, is convinced that Francis Ngannou, who left the UFC as a free agent at the beginning of this year, should come to his senses as soon as possible and return to the roster of the strongest league in the world.

“Recently, I saw Francis Ngannou talking to a host on a business show,” MMA Junkie is quoted as saying by American Gangster. “They asked him simple questions about the MMA business, and Francis was like a frightened deer in the headlights – he had no idea how to react and what to answer. It seems that his logic is still limited to the following phrase: ‘I knocked out three people in a row, and now I have to row money with a shovel'”

“I don’t know if he understands this or not, but he doesn’t have many options. Speaking in terms of chess, I don’t have two or three moves for him. I don’t know how old Francis is. He says 36, but he doesn’t seem to know how old he is. I would say that at least 36 – this is evidenced by his body, which has already begun to let him down. He tells people: ‘I’m a free agent, offer me a lot of money, and by the way, I have a bad knee …’ No one in the world will give this old injured guy all the money he wants. This is a really strange situation and I want him to understand it. Time is running. Without a contract, he loses precious days.”

“Four days ago, on April 1, Tyson Fury announced on social networks that he and Francis agreed and they will fight on May 15 at Wembley Stadium. He joked, and Francis changed his whole life. His whole life changed because he thought he was going to come into boxing and fight this guy who is now using him as an April Fool’s joke. Francis must douse himself with a bucket of cold water. He should wake up and call his boss back.”

At the beginning of this year, Francis Ngannou officially left the organization, vacating the UFC heavyweight championship belt. The Cameroonian “Predator” is going to spend his next fight in professional boxing, and then plans to return to mixed martial arts under the PFL or ONE Championship banner.