Chael Sonnen allegedly choked, struck man, left woman ‘tasting blood in her mouth’ after assault: lawsuit


Chael Sonnen is accused of viciously attacking a couple during an alleged incident on Dec. 18 that’s the subject of a battery lawsuit.

Dr. Christopher Stellpflug and Julie Stellpflug say the three-time UFC title challenger and MMA commentator blindsided them during the alleged attack at Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, leaving multiple injuries that included concussions for both. The San Luis Obisbo, Calif., couple is suing the 44-year-old Oregon native in excess of $15,000 for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to the suit obtained by MMA Fighting.

Dr. Stellpflug stated that he had been severely traumatized and told the Las Vegas Review Journal ,, “Am I going?

Dr. Stellpflug said he was traumatized by the incident, telling the Las Vegas Review Journal, “Am I going to die?”. His wife stated that she was still very scared .”


Sonnen did not respond immediately to a comment request and is expected in court on April 30, according to the LVRJ which reported the case.

Sonnen received a felony strangulation and 10 battery charge earlier this month. The five other misdemeanor batteries were dropped without prejudice. The new charges upped the potential penalties for the retired fighter, who has yet to comment on the alleged incident.

The lawsuit was filed in March 25 by Clark County (Nevada). It reveals two sides of the story. Dr. Stellpflug and his wife say they were on their way to their hotel room around 7:30 in a hallway of the Four Seasons when they encountered a man they later learned was Sonnen, whom they said “appeared to be intoxicated,” wearing “a torn bloody shirt” around his neck with no shoes or socks, and “uttering unintelligible noises.” They attempted to avoid him by moving to the other side of the hallway, but said “without provocation or any communication whatsoever,” they allege Sonnen knocked a beverage out of Dr. Stellpflug’s hand.

Julie Stellpflug stepped closer to Sonnen and tried to defuse the situation, but according to the suit, the fighter allegedly “proceeded to viciously attack Dr. Stellpflug, punching him multiple times in the head with a closed fist.” She screamed for help and attempted to intervene, prompting a hotel guest in a neighboring room to come to her aid as Sonnen allegedly continued to attack Christopher Stellpflug, putting him in a chokehold that caused him “to lose his breath for several seconds,” per the suit.

When Christopher Stellpflug was freed by the hotel guest, Sonnen began to elbow him. Christopher Stellpflug allegedly then witnessed Sonnen attack his wife, punching her in the face multiple times with an open fist, leaving her with a split lip, according to the lawsuit. Sonnen then threw her against a wall, causing her to hit a light fixture, and she “slid down the wall, tasting blood in her mouth as she fell to the floor.” Sonnen tried to lift her again, but Christopher Stellpflug was able to stop him by grabbing onto her ankle.

Security arrived at the scene and Sonnen allegedly attacked them with his closed fist. Sonnen allegedly punched several guards, slashed a guard with a knife, bit another guard in the nose, kicked one in both the stomach and mouth.

The plaintiffs claim that Sonnen also assaulted another guest at the hotel, hitting him randomly in his jaw. The guest retreated to his room and called security.

Per the LVRJ, Dr. Stellpflug decided to come forward with his story after hearing former UFC fighter-turned-media personality Brendan Schaub claim that the alleged attack was the result of “some drunk guy” insulting Sonnen’s wife, Brittany Sonnen.

A LVRJ police incident report stated Brittany Sonnen claimed she took Ambien (sleep-aid) early in the morning of Dec. 18. She then said that she didn’t know how it happened and that her husband had never gotten physical with her. The officer reportedly did not further document Brittany Sonnen’s injuries or elaborate on them in the report.

Dr. Stellpflug told the LVRJ he wanted “the truth out there” for people who think the attack was motivated.

” I just wanted people to know that it was an unprovoked attack,” said he. We were simply walking in our room planning a sushi meal. We did nothing wrong, and this guy went on a crazy rampage.”

Sonnen retired from MMA in 2019 and has served as a regular MMA analyst for Bellator and UFC., the UFC’s broadcast partner has banned him from broadcasts while they investigate the specifics of the serious charges.