Canelo on how he’s different from other top world champions


The first number of the P4P rating and the owner of all super middleweight belts, Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez (57-1-2, 39 KOs) is moving up to light heavyweight – this Saturday in Las Vegas (USA) he will try to take away the WBA Super title from Russian Dmitry Bivol (19 -0, 11 KOs).


On the eve of the fight, journalists asked Canelo how he manages to stay motivated and why he continues to choose only really dangerous fights.
Superstar response: “If you are interested in heritage, then this is the only way. It just so happens that I only get high from really hard challenges. And from what else? From money? I already have money. So that’s definitely not the reason. I just want to make history. One more thing. I still have the same hunger and the same love for boxing that I had in my youth. I like doing it. Boxing makes me feel alive. It’s a daily routine, but I get high from it. I love that boxing is still a part of my life. I think that’s what sets me apart from most other fighters.”

Alvarez-Bivol. Is this “w-w” for a reason? – presentation of the fight

About opponent: “Great fighter, real champion. I think that he is the strongest in this weight.”

“I think it’s very important to be yourself,” the superstar fighter opened up. “We all make mistakes. This is fine. But the main thing is to try to be the best in what you do and go your own way. It is important not to try to become someone else, but to be yourself. I think this is the most important and most important thing in life.”

Dmitry Bivol – Canelo Alvarez: forecast for the fight on May 8

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