Canelo: I’ll beat Golovkin and then I’ll be happy with myself


The absolute super middleweight champion Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) wants to close the trilogy with Kazakh Gennady Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) with a convincing early victory – they will fight on September 17 at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (USA).

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Previous fights between the antagonists ended in a draw and a minimal victory for Canelo. Third duel
mexican going finish with an early victory: “This time everything will be different. This time I will finish the fight in a way that everyone likes – it will be a nice way to end the trilogy. All I want to do is beat him up, beat him up. Only then will I be satisfied with myself. And what do others think of me, what will they say?.. What difference does it make to me? He is one of the worst (people?).”

The Mexican does not hide the fact that he is very annoyed by a veteran from Kazakhstan, and annoying in everything: “It seems that he no longer calls his style “Mexican”. I said before that he just uses the word “Mexican style” to get the attention of Mexicans. I think so, because he is not the first and not the last. A lot of people did it: Mexican colors, sombreros. With this, everything is clear. But if we’re talking about boxing, ‘Mexican style’ is completely different.”

Canelo doesn’t like being reminded that he was given a draw in his first fight: “It happens a lot in close competitive fights. Some say you won, some say you lost. That’s why he’s a close fight. I think such fights are good for boxing. They are just perfect for boxing.”

The Mexican is dissatisfied, because even in the rematch he did not convince everyone: “I think a certain part of the fans simply do not give me credit. But it’s impossible for everyone to like it. So I don’t worry about it. I just know what I have achieved in boxing. And I know it’s a solid achievement.”

Meanwhile, Golovkin stated that “Canelo is acting like a clown.” And the veteran talked about why Canelo was evil? Yesterday, a Kazakhstani spoke about his best rivals and the war in Ukraine.

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