Cain Velasquez’s pre-trial hearing was halted when defense and prosecution asked police officers on the scene.


Cain Velasquez was in court Monday to face multiple charges including attempted murder. He allegedly tried and chased down the man accused of molestation, but was unsuccessful.

The former UFC heavyweight champion has been in jail for the past eight months after he was first arrested and later denied bail in the case. Velasquez pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

After a full day of testimony on Monday, the court opted to take a recess until Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET.

In court, Aaron French represented the Santa Clara County District attorney’s office, and Velasquez had Mark Geragos at his side to cross-examine Judge Arthur Bocanegra.

During the pre-trial hearing, defense and prosecution officers questioned each other about the incident in which Velasquez chased Harry Goularte’s car. Goularte was charged with one felony count of lewd or sexually immoral act on a child below the age of 14.. Goularte was joined in the vehicle by his mother Patricia Goularte, who runs a child care center that Velasquez’s son attended, along with her husband Paul Bender.

Bender sustained a gunshot wound during the altercation but suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Three separate police officers from Morgan Hill, Calif., were called to testify — Sergeant Sergio Pires, Corporal Todd Davis and Officer Nathaniel Rodriguez — as they responded to questions about the incident after arriving on the scene.

Sergeant Pires said that he responded to a truck chase, which he testified that he personally witnessed before pursuing the vehicles in question. Pires stated that Velasquez surrendered to him without any incident after the trucks stopped.

The prosecution introduced numerous photos into evidence, including those from inside and outside of Velasquez’s truck, which included at least two holes through the windshield that were consistent with bullets firing from inside the cab. Pires also testified to a . 40-caliber handgun. An additional magazine was also found in the truck. Shell casings were also discovered inside.

Corporal Davis testified then that he was on the spot after Velasquez was already detained. He said he spoke to the alleged victims in the case, including Bender, whom he described as being on a gurney with medical personnel attending to his injured arm. Davis claimed that Bender had identified the shooter “Cain Vasquez” and that he fired twice at their car during the incident.

The third Morgan Hill police officer then testified to a conversation he had with Velasquez after he was detained. Officer Rodriguez said Velasquez told him that his son had been molested while attending Patty’s Childcare — the business owned by Patricia Goularte — and he identified Harry Goularte as the perpetrator.

During cross examination, Rodriguez added that Velasquez told him there were multiple victims of molestation at the daycare in addition to his son. Rodriguez also stated that Velasquez told him that his son’s personality had changed in the aftermath of the alleged molestation.

Geragos was also informed by Rodriguez that Velasquez had been cooperative and respectful throughout their conversations.

The final two police officers called on Monday were from San Jose Police — Yanick Barela Mendes and Scott McNulty.

Both officers testified to information about conversations had with Patricia Goularte and Harry Bender with details about the high-speed pursuit that reportedly exceeded 100 mph. McNulty was told by Bender that Velasquez shot several shots at the vehicle, after pulling up beside them at an intersection.