Cain Velasquez makes first statement after being released from jail on $1 million bail


Cain Velasquez was all smiles as he left a holding facility in Santa Clara County, Calif. after spending the last eight months in jail pending trial on attempted murder charges.

Early Wednesday morning, the former UFC heavyweight champion was officially released after he posted $1 million in bail. The decision to release Velasquez came from Judge Arthur Bocanegra, who opted to let the 40-year-old retired fighter return home to his family after he had been denied bail numerous times since his arrest in February.

“Just feel blessed,” Velasquez said in his first statement to KRON-4. “Ready to go home, be with the loved ones, family, friends and make something positive of this whole situation.

” I want to thank everyone who supported me. You are all my heroes. You can always be better, do positive things and make something out of this horrible situation. We, my family, are going to do that .”

Velasquez was ordered to be held in home detention by GPS monitoring. He is also prohibited from having weapons inside the house. Velasquez received an order to receive outpatient care for brain injuries and CTE (chronic trauma encephalopathy). He was also given counseling to parents of victims of sexual abuse.

Velasquez was arrested in late February after he allegedly went on an 11-mile car chase pursuing a vehicle containing Harry Goularte, the man accused of sexually molesting his 4-year-old son at a daycare facility owned and operated by his mother.

Goularte was released from jail after he entered into a car with his mother and stepfather Paul Bender. Velasquez is alleged to have fired several shots from his. 40 caliber handgun into the vehicle with Bender sustaining a bullet wound that caused non-life threatening injuries.

Velasquez now faces 10 charges stemming out of the rampage, including premeditated attempt murder. If convicted, Velasquez could be sentenced to a life imprisonment.

With his bail granted, Velasquez will now be able to return home to his family while working with his attorney Mark Geragos as they begin mounting a defense for his upcoming trial. Velasquez is due back in court on Nov. 21 for the next hearing in his case.