Cain Velasquez granted permission to participate in pro wrestling match in Arizona under conditions from the court


Cain Velasquez will be allowed to participate in a professional wrestling match in Tempe, Ariz. on Dec. 3 after his request was granted in a special hearing on Tuesday.

Judge Arthur Bocanegra, who also granted Velasquez’s release on $1 million bail after he spent eight months behind bars, ultimately sided with the former UFC heavyweight champion while giving him special permission to leave the state.

“Based on the information provided by pre-trial services and all the information that has been provided to the court regarding Mr. Velasquez’s request to travel to Arizona, the court is going to grant the request over the people’s objection,” Bocanegra said during the hearing.

As part of the conditions of his temporary release, Velasquez will have his GPS monitoring device removed while he’s traveling to Arizona but he’s required to coordinate with authorities to have the device put back on again once he returns.

Velasquez will be allowed to travel starting on Dec. 1 with a return date to California on Dec. 4.

While in Arizona, Velasquez will be responsible for having an Arizona law enforcement officer provide detail and supervision during his entire trip to the state. Velasquez will be responsible for the cost of the officer monitoring him while he’s in Arizona.

The Santa Clara district attorney vehemently objected the request while also raising concerns about Velasquez attending the event, which takes place on the campus of Arizona State University and whether or not the college was aware that a person accused of attempted murder would be participating in the event.

Despite that objects, Judge Bocanegra ruled in favor of Velasquez and his request to allow him to travel to Arizona and participate in the wrestling match.

Of course, Velasquez attended Arizona State where he was an All-American wrestler for the program with the pro wrestling event taking place at the Mullet Arena, which also currently houses the Arizona State wrestling team.

Velasquez will be performing as part of tag team match at the upcoming Lucha Libre AAA event after previously working with the promotion following the end of his fight career.

Regarding his ongoing court case, Velasquez is due back before a judge on Dec. 28 for a pre-trial hearing where he faces multiple charges including premeditated attempted murder after he allegedly went on a high-speed car chase and fired several rounds from a handgun at car containing Harry Goularte — a man accused of molesting his 4-year-old son at a daycare.