Cain Velasquez brought victory to the team in the wrestling tournament

Cain Velasquez brought victory to the team in the wrestling tournament

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, who was released last month on $1 million bail after a 254-day sentence, has returned to wrestling in the Lucha Libre AAA wrestling tournament held at his hometown of Arizona State University.

The 40-year-old Velázquez played in a three-on-three match that lasted about 20 minutes and was the one who brought victory to his team.

“Thank you! To be here, to perform in front of you, this is a dream that has become a reality, ”the heavyweight told the spectators present at the arena. “I appreciate what you have done for me by supporting me and my family”

The American was able to take part in the show thanks to a court order that temporarily overturned his bail conditions. By agreement with the court, the GPS tracker was removed from Velasquez, but he took on the payment of the work of the policemen who accompanied him on the trip.

Recall that the former UFC champion was arrested on February 28 after he chased, rammed and shot a car with a certain Harry Eugene Gularte, who, along with his mother, ran a private kindergarten and was accused of indecent acts against the underage son of a heavyweight. As a result of Velasquez’s actions, Gularte’s stepfather received non-life-threatening injuries, while Harry Gularte himself and his mother, who was also in the car, were not injured.