But now it was a shame: Porter told why Thurman could not beat Spence


Two-time welterweight champion American Sean Porter has completed his sports career and looks very respectable as an observer and boxing expert.

Porter is known for having fought almost every top fighter in the division. In 2016, he failed to take the WBA title from American Keith Thurman (30-1, 22 KOs), and 3 years later lost in unification to compatriot Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs). Both lost to thin in a competitive confrontation.

Rumor has it that the current holder of three belts in the division, Spence, will meet with former division leader Thurman in February. By
opinion Porter, nothing shines for the applicant: “Spence is a great fighter. A good fighter won’t beat a great one. Once upon a time, Keith was also great. But the question is whether the former greatness remains in him, given his latest performance. As they say, the mug still needs to be brought to the lips without spilling its contents on itself. For me, he has a tough job ahead of him to reclaim his status as a top talent.”

It was expected that Spence would meet with the owner of the missing WBO belt to the complete collection of compatriot Terence Crawford, but the parties failed to agree. Porter’s opinion: “I want to say with all my heart that this is a good replacement. I think it all depends on Keith. It is no secret that he is now at the finishing stage of his career. And I know from my own experience and from what I’ve seen in other fighters, it’s almost impossible late in your career to throw yourself into the sport with exactly the same energy that you had at the start or in the middle of the path.

Meanwhile, Crawford called “guilty” for the disruption of the fight against Spence, and the former champion of the division below said: “They say this fight will never happen.”