“Buffoon!” Malignaggi ran over Haney because of Lomachenko


Former world champion in two categories and TV commentator American Paul Malignaggi live on his
vlog on YouTube erupted with devastating criticism of the absolute lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) and his father Bill Haney, who is also a coach and manager of his son.

This is not the first time Malignaggi has criticized Haney. In a fresh monologue, the expert recalled the situation when the Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 10 KOs) owned 3 titles and was promoted to the “franchise” WBC champion, and Devin owned the regular WBC title and said in almost every interview, that Lomachenko is avoiding him.

“[после показа фрагмента беседы главы WBC Маурисио Сулеймана и Билла Хэйни] As you can see, Bill Haney is trying to play dumb. But he’s not dumb. Bill Haney is trying to mislead Mauricio that he didn’t do what he said. Mauricio thought about it and realized that Bill Haney is a bullshit. Bill Haney is trying to play the role that when Lomachenko had a “franchise” title, he supposedly did whatever he wanted, and they couldn’t fight these guys. This whole “franchise” title thing is confusing if you haven’t been told it all. But if Mauricio was well versed in this, Bill Haney knew all this too. I thought maybe Haney hadn’t been made aware of this, but the fact is in this video. Mauricio said it clearly – and they issued a press release.

The difference between Lomachenko’s title and the dummy sent in Haney’s box was huge. Here’s the thing – when you start wiggling around with a fake title and never won a real title… Look at Davis. He has a fake title, but he doesn’t act like he has a real one. He was the champion at 59 kg, he is sure that he will beat all the others, but he does not tell others that they are not champions. He’s just confident in himself. And when you weren’t a champion yet and you’re celebrating with this fake title, trying to convince the world that you are the world champion – this whole situation makes me think. First of all, you have no character. That’s number one, character zero. Second, when you did it, maybe you didn’t have confidence in your ability to win a title because lightweight is filled with talent. Maybe you thought you wouldn’t win a world title? “Then let me pretend I won it.”

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“What I said before was criticism, but now – brother, you had no balls. This is crazy! You pretended to be the world champion, knowing that it was not. And now your non-IQ-gifted fans are saying that you should not fight with Lomachenko because Lomachenko avoided you. But you know yourself that no one avoided you. And not only that. In this video, Mauricio clearly said who was the champion and what were the stipulations. And Bill Haney tried to show off: “Why don’t we got a title chance with Lomachenko?” And after this dog shit, Mauricio puts him back in his place: “Brother, you yourself requested voluntary protection after 12 days. What are you talking about?” 12 days after you got that dogshit belt, you asked for self-defense. We put you on self-defense with Santiago while Lomachenko fought Teofimo. Haney didn’t put himself in a position when he wants to fight the winner and instead asked for a self-imposed defense with a no name. He sort of bypassed his title shot.”

“Again, no one would criticize you for this because you are young and maybe not ready for a title attempt, and your time will come. It would not be like that, because you have victories at the level of a strong prospect, a minor title, which gives you the opportunity for a big title shot. But these guys are playing like they’re Mayweathers, while at the same time fighting the guy who delivers my pizza. Are you kidding? This is insane! For me it was a brain explosion! Especially now that I dug around and found references. I did it because I thought I was wrong about something.”

“Haney said that Lomachenko and Lopez avoided him. There were other guys like Commi, Nakatani, who, by the way, Lomachenko beat after the operation. They are tough guys and will not let you down. They are not wasted champions who fight over because they don’t have any money. No – Haney chose Gamboa and Linares, who were completely spent, and then tried to convince the world that Lomachenko and Lopez were avoiding him. This is crazy! Especially after what I dug up. You don’t have any character! You procrastinated this shit and then went up against Kambosos who is, without disrespect, the most mediocre fighter who won the title of undisputed champion and did no job of collecting titles. Kambosos was never good enough to beat a bunch of champions and collect titles Lomachenko and Lopez did all the work Lomachenko alone collected three of them This is crazy What I unearthed is crazy It got to the point where I started to doubt myself Maybe I was wrong? madness!”

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“Alright, you have the title of undisputed champion, what are you going to do? Are you going to fight someone with a pulse? You beat the pretty beatable champion that everyone wanted. Trust me, that’s the way it is. But don’t be rude one that these “killers” avoid when fighting pizza guys! Don’t do that, brother.”

“Bottom is a link to Mauricio Sulaiman and Bill Haney’s conversation where he laid out very clearly what the ‘franchise’ title meant to Lomachenko and Haney. And they knew they didn’t have a title, but they were selling you guys Cinderella stories. I I can’t believe I had to explain this I couldn’t believe what I found I thought I’d make an apology video But I’m not wrong I told you guys I know this business like the back of my hand Insane “.

“The question is, if Lomachenko does what he has to do this Saturday against Jemaine Ortiz, will Devin Haney go up against Vassily Lomachenko like Bob Arum intended? to fight Lomachenko.I showed you all the evidence in this video that no one was avoiding Haney, it was quite the opposite.It hurt me that the top guys, proven fighters who proved their worth, allegedly avoided him when he was out of ok now he is the undisputed lightweight champion let’s see if he behaves like the undisputed lightweight champion will he get in the ring against the best challenge which is Vassily Lomachenko honestly after what I found “I doubt his character. If I doubt his character, I think Lomachenko will stop him. Because you, my man, pretended to be a champion when you knew you weren’t. Unfortunately, people like that break down like match, at the first sign of difficulty. I hope this is not the case and we will see the Haney-Lomachenko fight. I think I’m speaking on behalf of all boxing fans here. I want to see top fighters fight top fighters.”

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